10+ Best WordPress Themes for Adsense

Adsense optimization is no doubt one of the great processes to boost your click through rate. It is one of the easiest monetization processes for a simple website or a blog, magazine, news, forums or any niche websites. It does not require technical knowledge to use or setup. A simple and best paying CPC network allows high popularity and high ... Read More »

Social Media Marketing Plan to Increase the Traffic to Your Blog

Social media, A word which doesn’t need much introduction. The days of sharing our memories only with our family are gone. Now we are living in the world where we share everything (Memories. Ideas etc. etc.)with our friends, family and some friends who may be connected with us socially. Social media became that much powerful as it can spread everything ... Read More »

MilesWeb Reviews: Best Dedicated Hosting Provider in India

Getting a dedicated hosting and making a new website is not an easy task but let’s review MilesWeb, a company known for providing a comprehensive line-up of fully managed cheapest dedicated server in India and also they are best dedicated hosting provider. The other side of a coin is that the MilesWeb is known for its competitive and highly professional ... Read More »

PPTSTAR.COM – Professional PowerPoint Templates Designer

Using Power Point presentation for our work is very popular nowadays. There are lots of sites available that provide free or paid templates to make our work easy. With the help of these templates,you can easily create perfect presentation for your business meetings.These sites also save lots of time as well as making a professional presentation in just a few ... Read More »

Changing Mobile App trends – Consumers Getting More Comfortable With App Only Shopping

We conduct regular consumer surveys to understand the latest trends in online shopping in India. Our most recent survey done in Jan-Feb time frame, focused on finding which medium among Desktop, Mobile App and Mobile Website was preferred by shoppers. The customers who visited our website CouponRani were surveyed randomly. We have noticed a shift in trends and majority of ... Read More »

Ninja Blaster Tool Review – Social media marketing software

Ninja Blaster

You are marketer there to promote your business, and you are going through each, and every aspect of business promotion and marketing that comes in your hand and even you are learning lots of marketing tactics to promote your business. But, Still you are not getting the reward of your hard work. That’s because you are not making good decisions ... Read More »

Reliable Sources to Download Powerpoint Diagrams and Charts

Powered Template

On this article my first question is, Are you searching for new, amazing, interactive and neat, clean diagrams and charts for your data representation? If Yes, today in this article you will get all the solution for your problems. If you have huge data that is to be represent in the form of diagram and chart, then you can click ... Read More »

Quick Ways to Gain traffic through Social Media

Social media is no doubt, the most popular channel to spark a heated conversation. If you need to bump up your conversion rate how will you use social media. The underlying power is going to drive more traffic, but the channels are different, it is social media. Find out how to increase your conversion rate with social media. Have sign-up ... Read More »

How to Brand Your Blog on Facebook

You have created your own blog. But how can readers know about your blog? Every blogger doesn’t want to make money from their blog, but almost every blogger wants that people know about their blogs, in short they want to brand their blog. But how is it possible? Social Media is the easiest way to brand your blog. There are ... Read More »